Monday, 24 August 2015

'The Covenant Series' by Jennifer L Armentrout

I have three words for this series: FAVOURITE SERIES EVER(well, of the series I've read in my life so far of course).

For those who haven't read or finished the series: be prepared to experience a series withdrawal by the end. I didn't know what to do with my life when I finished the last book(a slight exaggeration but I was pretty devastated).

'The Covenant Series' is essentially about a half blood(half human, half god) who is destined to become an extremely powerful individual. Along with that, she falls for a pure blood, which is forbidden as pures and halves aren't allowed to be together(it's better than most forbidden loves, I promise).

For someone who didn't know much about the Greek mythology upon reading the first book, I found that my lack of knowledge had no effect on my ability to understand the plot. Armentrout does a beautiful job at explaining the Greek legends to total newbies like myself. Not gonna lie, this series has actually gotten me into a slight Greek God obsession. Hence, the reason I am currently reading Percy Jackson.

You've been warned...

One of the main reasons I love this series is how realistic the protagonist's approach to her losses is. Alex doesn't sugar coat her grief. Unlike a lot of novels I have read, the losses she experiences stay with her and have a significant impact of her internal struggles. Lets be honest, Alex loses a ton of people in such a short timeframe. I don't think I would be able to cope with if I was her. So the thing that I really appreciate throughout the books is that she doesn't just magically forget about her losses and move on like she barely cared about her loved ones. I feel like I was able to truly empathise with Alex and the emotional breakdowns she encounters due to the deaths so many people she cares about.

In regards to the love interests, I was certainly biased to one of the guys(*cough cough* Aiden). It is a little cheesy that there was a 'forbidden love' and a 'destined soulmate' to choose between, but it's quite a unique spin to the overdone concepts in my opinion.

Now please don't shoot me if my opinion doesn't match yours, but I was never able to connect with Seth. In fact, I simply didn't like him at all. To me, he was a typical bad boy with a bad past. Aiden has had his fair share of troubles, but you don't see him being a complete arse. But hey, that may just be because I was -and still am- in love with Aiden. Where oh where is my real life Aiden?

And can I just talk about Deacon for a minute? Oh my gosh, he is my favourite character ever! His personality and the fact that he was so unique to the other characters made me love him. If Jessica Armentrout killed him off, I would have cried for weeks. I think the thing I love most about Deacon is that I found myself laughing in the most thrilling/series parts because of his totally random yet mood lightening comments. Plus, Deacon and Luke are the cutest couple!

Okay okay, so before I go on for hours(which I could easily do), I'll wrap this up before I bore you to death. Overall I absolutely adore this series. Jessica L Armentrout is a miracle writer and certainly did not disappoint with this collection. I recommend this book to anyone interested in a bit of action, romance and fantasy.

9 out of 10

Would I read it again? 

∆ Keep reading, Bri xx

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