Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Always there (Poem)

You cannot see it, nor can you touch it
As it is not a tangible thing
But it’s there in the times that require oxygen to breathe
In the days that start and end
It is there, always there

Yet the thing about it is that
It isn’t subjective
Old, men, young, woman 
It will consume any standing in it’s path
It is there, always there

It makes the healthy sick
And the rich feel poor 
Having it all, still feels like nothing
Being your best, doesn’t feel good enough
It is there, always there

Labeled crazy, pathetic and weak
For struggling to fight it 
For trying not to let it change you
A lifelong presence or a life too short lived,
You can never simply win
It is there, always there

The harsh reality of it is 
That it can never be overcome 
If you simply push it away
Because it is there, always there

Until that day you take control of your life again

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